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I’m sure that most of you have heard of the infamous #NekNominate craze which has taken Facebook by storm. However, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the phenomena dubbed as the ‘social drinking game for social media’ which is believed to have originated in Perth, Australia. In short, those who are nominated are required to video themselves downing a pint of beer in as short a time as possible within 24 hours of the nomination.

A key component of the nomination is that the nominee must perform the task in an innovative and often dangerous manner. One young man uploaded a clip to Facebook of him downing his pint whilst he was being dangled by his ankles with his head down the toilet!

The #NekNominate craze was recently attributed as the cause of the death of two young men from Ireland. Jonathan Byrne, 19 was found dead in a River in County Carlow after jumping in as part of his nomination and Ross Cummings 22, was found unconscious in his apartment in Dublin last Saturday only to die later after being rushed to hospital. Although the cause of his death is yet to be confirmed it is believed that his participation in this game contributed to his death.

The nature of this game was however destined to change when a South African man called Brent Lindeque was nominated! Lindeque chose rather to film himself in act of philanthropy: giving a sandwich, a bar of chocolate and a soft drink to a homeless man. He then nominated two of his friends to carry out further acts of kindness within 24 hours.

When asked about his South African take on the Social Networking Game Lindeque relied: ‘anyone can down a pint of beer, it is easy; making a positive change in the world, now that is the difficult part’. Since the video was uploaded last Friday it has gone viral, receiving 200,000 hits in less than a week, trending across Africa the UK and Dubai!

Spurred on by the popularity of his act, Lindeque has stated his hopes to feed 10,000 people and believes that #NekNominate will enable him to do this.

Brent Lindeque has single-handedly transformed the dangerous social networking game into a philanthropic success!

For more information on this young man’s South African twist on #NekNominate see:–neknominate-on-its-head-with-one-small-change-062736498.html promotes sensible drinking! For more information on our comprehensive suite of beverages, see our website:

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