Nigeria's Signature Cocktail, The Chapman: All You Need to Know and How to Mix |

Nigeria’s Signature Cocktail, The Chapman: All You Need to Know and How to Mix

The flavourful Nigerian Chapman is one of the most popular beverages in the country. This unique cocktail features at nearly every Nigerian party, and keeps our foreign friends and visitors guessing.The origin of West Africa’s Sangria is shrouded in mystery, with hardly a serious story to support numerous claims, but it is generally agreed that…

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Nightcaps |

6 Nightcap Recipes to end your Valentine Night

When all the romance is done and dusted, sleeping with the sweet memories can be very pleasing, and nightcaps make the sleep all the more sweet. The age old tradition of nightcaps has been threatened by today’s cocktail craze, but what lover does not appreciate a sweet-savoriness of a nightcap on Valentine’s night? It is…

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5 Johnnie Walker Cocktails |

5 Simple Cocktails You Can Make With Your Bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label

5 Simple Johnnie Walker Red Label Cocktails In 1909, “Special Old Highland Whisky” was renamed Johnnie Walker Red Label and a legend was born. Imbued with pioneering spirit from the outset, Johnnie Walker Red Label travelled “wherever ship could sail”. With its bold flavour and versatile character, it mixed well socially and made friends all…

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