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How To Choose The Perfect Wine Glass

Written by Posted on 09 04, 2016
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How To Choose The Perfect Wine Glass

There are various wine glasses for different type of wines, and picking from so many glass options can be very overwhelming. for most wine drinking and wine tasting a few key characteristics can make your choice of wine glasses easy. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose.

1. Choose two different sizes of wine glasses.

Smaller wine glasses are more suited to white wines while the larger glasses are typically recommended for red wine. Generally, full bodied wines work better in larger glasses while lighter wines do best in small glasses. The reason small glasses are used for white wine is to ensure that the wine does not get too warm before consumption. Red wines are great in large glasses because they get more air. Choose a balloon shaped wine glass to allow develop its full bouquet. Wine needs room to breathe and a tapered shape is the best for releasing the aroma.

2. Choose fluted or tulip-shaped (champagne) glasses for sparkling wines and champagne.

Wine glasses shaped like flutes are best for champagne and sparkling wines because they help to keep the bubbles intact for longer and ensure the best flavour and aroma while drinking the sparkling wine or champagne. You should avoid using the Champagne saucer or coupe for champagne; it causes both bubbles and bouquet to disappear instantly.

3. Look for glasses with cut over rolled edges.

This is more finished looks are best as they let you enjoy the wine and feel pleasant to the mouth touch.

4. Purchase the best wine glasses that you can afford.

A great glass enhances your experience and helps you enjoy the wine more. There are great wine glasses on the internet, but we recommend getting a physical feel of wine glasses before purchasing them.


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