Champagne in your beauty routine |

Great news bubbly lovers, you can now include Champagne in your beauty routine! Champagne can probably improve your hair and skin and not just by drinking it, but actually applying it to you hair and skin. If you have any last drops of sparkling wine leftover, don’t throw it away just yet.

For an exfoliating bath, pour a glass of bubbly into a hot bubble bath. Before you get in, you can rub your skin with a salt scrub to help increase circulation. The carbon dioxide bubbles in Champagne act as an exfoliator for dry skin.

For your skin, soak a few drops of Champagne onto a cotton pad and wipe across your face. It can act as a toner and help clear skin. The antioxidants found in this wonderful sparkling wine detoxify the skin and helps keep oily skin from getting breakouts.

What’s more, bubbly contains polyphenols which helps reduce redness and inflammation when you drink it.

Finally, for your hair, mix half a cup of leftover Champagne with half a cup of hot water and pour it evenly onto your hair after shampooing. Let it soak while you’re getting ready, then rinse. Your hair will be silky and smooth!



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