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How To Spot Fake Wines

How To Spot Fake Wines

Just as there exist many brands of wine around the world today, there also exist numerous fake wine brands. Not only can these fake wine brands make you lose your money, but they can also cause several health complications when consumed.

So, what necessary steps should you take to detect counterfeit wines in the market today? Here are some of them.

Beware of unicorn wines

The first step is to always check if the wine in question actually does exist. Sometimes, fake wine manufacturers create “unicorn wines” – wines that never existed. For example, this was how Burgundy’s Emmanuel Ponsot caught out arch-counterfeiter Rudy “Dr. Conti” Kurniawan. During Kurniawan’s trial, Ponsot pointed out that a bottle of his Clos Saint-Denis 1945 found in Kurniawan’s possession ‘cannot exist’, as the appellation began production in 1982.

Check the label

A wine’s labels should demonstrate its authenticity. Although fake wine manufacturers can ‘forensically age’ labels using dyes or even coffee, there are other things that can easily give fake wines away. Check for incoherent, ambiguous colouring on the labels. Sometimes the labelling mistakes can be hard to spot, such as misplacing the AOC for a particular wine or period. Some other times, the mistakes can be quite obvious, such as spelling errors.

Read the small print

Most reputable wine labels use a plate press for their label inscriptions, so look closely for the colour separation. On the label, the manufacture date must be stamped separately from the other information. Blurry fonts, with typos or defective printing, is a huge red flag.

Watch the bottles and corks

Older hand-blown glass bottles from the 19th century are not perfectly smooth. They tend to wobble on a flat surface. Post-1930, French bottles should have their volume embossed somewhere on the glass. More recent bottles also feature a ‘recyclable’ mark. Corks that have been tampered with are a tell-tale sign that a bottle has been refilled.

To avoid causing harm to your health or getting swindled of your money for fake products, it’s best to buy your wine directly from the only trusted wine supplier in Nigeria offers authentic wine products sourced directly from the brands themselves, this is a measure to ensure the authenticity of the wines you are getting.

How To Spot Fake Wines
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How To Spot Fake Wines

Posted on 12 10, 2020

Just as there exist many brands of wine around the world today, there also exist...

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What You Should Be Drinking for Christmas 2018

Christmas comes with a lot of excitement – carols, concerts, festivals, parties, lots of eating and – yeah, you’re right – drinking.

As the parties heat up, more and more people will turn to the bottle in need of having a good time but there will always be the question of what to drink, where and the right time.

While we don’t encourage you to over-indulge and go on a spree of binge drinking, we can always offer some helpful tips on what you should be drinking this Christmas.


The official drink of celebration, Champagnes are a must have this Christmas. A flute of champagne in hand brings sparkles into your holiday mood.

You can settle for the classic Veuve Clicquot Brut with its attractive yellow label sure to add excitement to your mood or go for the sweet tasting Moet & Chandon Nectar Rose Imperial.

If you are the one for vintage champagne, the Dom Perignon P2 2000 or Dom Perignon 2009 Brut is a classy choice. If you’re looking to party with it, the emerald-green light of the Dom Perignon Luminous is very much the cream of the crop.

 Sparkling Wines

If you don’t have the big budget that champagnes demand, you can always switch to a nice bottle of sparkling wine.

Luc Belaire Luxe has a premium taste and luxurious bottle that sends your mood lighting up the skies like Christmas fireworks. Then there is the darling Veuve Du Vernay Ice Rose that not only sweetens the palate but also beautifies your table with its unique white and pink bottle. Andre and Martini are also other great choices.


If Champagnes brought a sparkling new meaning to wins, Cognacs have given a whole new identity to how we see brandy, thanks to the French.

Be it dinner, a party, a concert or a simple laid back sit-out with friends, cognac is a unique choice for all occasions. The classic Hennessy VS and Hennessy VSOP are always ready options and if you buy from using VISA QR, you get FREE mixers, party cups and ice along with it. Martell Blue Swift is another cool choice especially since a bottle purchased from gets you either a FREE Bluetooth speaker of a 24 Apparel Hat.


All thanks to the Irish and the Scots for blessing us with whisky, now we can fight the cold evenings of Christmas with a good old scotch like Glenmorangie Original or the all-new Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years.

If you are in the mood to groove with friends while vibing to your favourite tunes, Jameson Irish Whiskey makes for a good companion or you can switch up with the Good Old Jack Daniel’s.

If you are in the need for a full-blown party, then take advantage of the Famous Grouse party pack promo available only on


Beer is still one of Nigeria’s most loved alcoholic beverages and there are plenty of brands to choose from. However, among the numerous brands – lager & stout – there is the ‘king’ of them all – Budweiser. The American lager made its grand entrance into the Nigerian market this year, and irrespective of what your preferred beer brand might be, you’d be missing out if you’ve not tasted the light, crisp and smooth beer. If you are looking for validation, it is called the ‘King of Beers’, and Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a ‘King’


Eggnog, Hot Buttered Rum, Manhattan, Sex on the Beach and Daiquiri are some of the popular cocktails that can add extra spice to your Christmas holiday.

You can check out the recipe to some of these cocktails by clicking here.

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What You Should Be Drinking for Christmas 2018

Posted on 12 18, 2018

Christmas comes with a lot of excitement - carols, concerts, festivals, parties, lots of eating...

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5 Hacks to Make Your Wine Taste Better

Wine Hacks |

While most people are down to drinking a glass of wine anytime, not all wine drinkers love the sweet-sour taste of wines.

Should the taste deter you from drinking wine? We don’t think it should. As much as wine is a distinct alcohol of repute, you can always switch up the taste to favour your palate.

Here are five (5) simple hacks to change the taste of your wine for the better:

  • Soda is always welcome

Adding soda to your wine gives it a semi-sangria feeling and makes it taste better. Make sure both the soda and the red wine are of the same quantity, pour on ice and garnish with a slice of lemon.

  • Pineapple has magic

A glass of white wine rose wine, or sparkling wine can benefit a great deal from the addition of pineapples. Cut your pineapple into triangular chunks and add them to your glass of wine for that extra hint of sweetness.

  • Hello Lemonade!

You can enjoy your glass of white wine with a twist of lemon by adding equal parts lemonade and wine in a glass over ice. Garnish it with a wedge of lemon for the extra citrusy feeling.

  • Use the Freezer

Have you ever tried freezing your wine? That is a whole new level of enjoying wine. Simply pour your wine into an ice cube tray, add 2 tablespoons of simple syrup and freeze. Once it’s frozen, you have for yourself a beautiful wine-y dessert to tell your friends about. Don’t shy away from garnishing with citrus or another fruit of your choice.

  • Bring in the blender

Wines generally taste better when they are well aerated. So where you do not own a traditional wine aerator, bring in the blender. Pour your bottle’s content into a blender, and turn it on. let it blend for a minute or two, then serve. Your wine will come out tasting better than before.

Wine Hacks |
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5 Hacks to Make Your Wine Taste Better

Posted on 03 22, 2018

While most people are down to drinking a glass of wine anytime, not all wine...

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How to Pass a Bartender Interview

Bartender-Interview |

A bartender interview, like every other job interview, is generally challenging and a lot goes into acing the tests and giving the right answers thrown at you.

What is even more daunting for bartenders is that you may be required to show off your skills on the spot, as well as ace the questions you will be asked.

While writing a good CV and researching the position will go a long way in acing a bartender interview, just like most interviews, the key is to prepare ahead for the questions that you’ll likely be asked.

For your benefit, here are a few tips on how to get that bartender job you applied for.

Your personality matters

Bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants and everywhere else there is a bar and drinks to be served is a hospitality business – that is one crucial fact about the industry. As such, your employer will only look forward to hiring someone with a likeable personality. You must prove to him that you can be comfortable and cheerful around customers and colleagues as this is important to the nature of the business. As you settle into the chair offered you by your interviewer(s), ensure to look relaxed, positive, composed with a welcoming smile spread across your face.

Look keen for the job

Showing up for an interview without a printed copy of your CV shows a lack of desire for the job. Always bring a copy of your CV, cover letter and letters of recommendation (if required). Also, carry a small jotter and a pen with you to take down notes. This tells your employer that you are keen on the job and eager to learn.

Know your recipe

What kind of bartender will your employer think you are if you do not have a good knowledge of some popular cocktail recipes? A good knowledge of the most common recipe in your area will get you ahead in your interview. You also have to be prepared to make one or two cocktails as your interviewer may want to test your skill and speed in shaking up a cocktail.


As a bartender, one chief responsibility is to determine when a customer has had enough to drink and the ability to handle such situations. No bar, lounge or club wants to be hooked on the story of a customer being involved in an alcohol-related accident after leaving their establishment. So you see, this particular skill is life-saving per say.

To cut someone who has drank enough off, you can either

  • Appeal to their friends (people are more likely to listen to their friend).


  • Tell the customer honestly, but nicely, that you think they’ve had enough

Handling Crisis

Being a public place with booze going around, there is always the tendency for a crisis to occur. Proving to your potential employer that you can get on top such situations without smearing the integrity of the bar will surely get you closer to your job.

On chaotic bar night

Some nights sales are slow, other nights, customers throng in and everything becomes chaotic. Your ability to take multiple orders on a crowded night will put you in good light with your interviewer. So be ready to tell them the best way to take orders without mixing it up, and at the same time getting the drinks ready speedily. Chipping in previous experiences where you excelled in such situations is highly advisable here.

There are a lot more that comes into nailing a bartender interview, but the basic is simply self-presentation and smart answers to questions asked.

Below are some questions that you might likely be asked during a bartender interview:

  1. Tell us about yourself – Always be prepared for this question in all interviews.
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses – Brag about your strengths, but always make sure your weaknesses do not flaw you totally, but comes with a bit of an advantage.
  3. Tell me about a difficult customer you had to handle and what you did to resolve the situation? – Your ability to handle a crisis is what your interviewer wants to know here.
  4. If you caught another bartender stealing, what would you do? – Bar owners do not want people who steal from them. This is a test of your character and honesty.
  5. If a customer said his drink wasn’t strong enough, what would you do? – Brag about your ability to relate well to customers, even when they have a complaint.
  6. What is the best way to make a Sex on the Beach (or any other cocktail)? – This is a test of your mixologist skills and most especially your attention to hygiene.
Bartender-Interview |
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How to Pass a Bartender Interview

Posted on 03 22, 2018

A bartender interview, like every other job interview, is generally challenging and a lot goes into...

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5 Drinking Hacks You Should Know

Life hacks are those simply creative things we do to make living easy – drinking hacks make drinking way easier and bring life to your party.

Pulling off a hack when you and your friends meet up for a drinkathon can immediately give you the Black Panther title among them.

We have selected five(5) hacks that you can use to step up your drinking experience.

The Disposable Cooler

This hack involves using a waste bag inside a beer or soda case (not a crate) – you can also use a TV case or something of the like. Put some ice into it along with your drinks. Voila! You have yourself a disposable cooler.

Nails & Hammer

So you have a bottle of wine in front of you but there is to wine opener in sight? Two small nails and a hammer can do the job of lifting the cork for you. Simply use your thumb to drive the nails into the cork, then use the end of a hammerhead meant for removing nails to pull out the nail along with the cork.

The Ice Cooler

Some drinks release the best flavours when chilled. So what do you do when you have a drink to chill, but can’t wait 20-25 minutes on a freezer to do the work? Fill a bucket with ice and add just enough water to fill the cracks in that ice. Add salt to the mixture (this lowers the freezing point and let it become super-cold water). Go ahead and rotate your bottle or can of soda, beer, bottled water, or wine for about 2 minutes or more, and your cold drink is ready.

Champagne Bubbler

Is your open champagne or sparkling wine running out of fizz? Fear not! Simply add a raisin in your glass and wait a few minutes will save it from going flat.

Blended Wine

Wines taste best when you aerate the flavours. No wonder wine glasses are specially shaped to allow the flavours breath and direct them to the nose and palate. To get the best out of your wine (where there is no expensive wine aerator), pour your wine in a blender, blend it for 30 seconds, and settle to savour the best wine tasting experience yet.

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5 Drinking Hacks You Should Know

Posted on 03 15, 2018

Life hacks are those simply creative things we do to make living easy - drinking...

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4 Drink Types Nigerian Women Are in Love With

Vodka-Drinks |

It’s International Women’s Day and a lot of Nigerian women will be celebrating with a glass or two of their favourite drink.

In the 80’s and 90’s, our mothers joined our dads to drink beer, especially Guinness stout. But today’s woman is delving into new types of alcohol.

Cream Liqueurs

From Baileys to Amarula, Magnum to Strawberry Lips, cream liqueurs is every Nigerian woman’s temptation. There is something between the warmth of the spirit and the sweetness of the cream that resonates with women. You’ll find women having a cream liqueur whether at a wedding, on a date or just relaxing at home.

Rose Wines

Be it a still rose wine, a sparkling rose wine or a rose champagne, the pink colour and lovely fruity notes of rose are in sync with the palate of most Nigerian women.

“I am not really particular about brands, but so long it is a rose and it is pink, I am drinking,” said Yewane Rwang-Dung in a recent interview with Spirit Magazine. That is just how much the rose wine has sunk into the DNA of Nigerian women.

Sweet Red Wine

Carlo Rossi Sweet Red and Thomas Barton Merlot are among the favourite choices. Sandeman Port Ruby is also another highly rated wine among Nigerian women. The choice of this has to do with the sweet palate of Nigerian women, and of course, the romantic tendencies that come with red wine.

Flavoured Vodka

“Flavoured vodka gives the opportunity to explore with different tastes,” said Funmi, a lady we met at a bar. Flavoured vodka makes for an amazing base for most cocktails, and that is something Nigerian women are certainly in love with.



Vodka-Drinks |
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4 Drink Types Nigerian Women Are in Love With

Posted on 03 08, 2018

It's International Women's Day and a lot of Nigerian women will be celebrating with a...

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Funny Drinking Quotes You Can Share With Friends

Quotes about drinking |

If you are looking to show off to your friends that you are the drinking guru, a good use of drinking quotes will set you apart.

It’s one thing to know that champagne is more than just sparkling wine, but giving spice to your conversation by quoting men of old on alcohol and drinking sets you apart.

As you sip away at your midweek drink, here are some funny drinking quotes from history’s notable characters, that you can share with friends and well-wishers.

Quotes about drinking:

  • “A lady came up to me one day and said ‘Sir! You are drunk’, to which I replied ‘I am drunk today madam, and tomorrow I shall be sober but you will still be ugly.”

Winston Churchill surely was a savage with words here.

  • Here’s to alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all life’s problems.”

Here is Matt Groening telling a friend that alcohol is the lock and key of all of life’s hassles.

  • Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”

Amen Frank Sinatra! Preach brother!

  • “Here’s to alcohol, the rose coloured glasses of life.”

That one time Scott Fitzgerald became a poet because of booze.

  • “Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!”

Rest peacefully in heaven Martin Luther. You taught us well.

  • “If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.”

Dean Martin is not wrong. We actually support the motion – “Don’t drink and drive”

  • “Do you drink?”  “Of course, I just said I was a writer.”

Now you know where Stephen King’s weird imaginations come from.


  • “Drinking is fun! It makes me feel horrible and sexy!”

Warren Ellis has left us wondering how you can be horrible and sexy at the same time.



  • “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”

Wine has a special place in Louis Pasteur’s heart, or should we just say cellar?




  • “I began to think vodka was my drink at last. It didn’t taste like anything, but it went straight down into my stomach like a sword swallowers’ sword and made me feel powerful and godlike.”

No more argument, drinkers of vodka are gods and Sylvia Plath agrees.

  • “There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.”

Can we just stop at “there is no bad whiskey” Raymond Chandler?

  • “If you ever know a man who tries to drown his sorrows, kindly inform him his sorrows know how to swim.”

We agree with Pittacus Lore. Never use alcohol as a means to escape from life’s realities.

  • “For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity or perception to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication.”

Friedrich Nietzsche just revealed the big connection between arts and drinking.

  • “They say the only people who tell the truth are drunkards and children. Guess which one I am.”

Stephen Colbert is not asking you to become a drunkard. But would you rather be a liar?

  • “I went out with a guy who once told me I didn’t need to drink to make myself more fun to be around. I told him, I’m drinking so that you’re more fun to be around.”

Oops, Chelsea Handler! Apply water to the burnt area, please.


  • Fell in love with a beautiful blonde once. Drove me to drink. And I never had the decency to thank her.”

Don’t be like W.C. Fields, always show gratitude after being introduced to a good drink.

  • “It’s 4:58 on Friday afternoon. Do you know where your margarita is?”

Amy Neftzger is the inspiration behind #TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday!

And there are our funny drinking quotes to give cheer to your friends with. There is no harm in adding your own. Let’s see how smart alcohol has made you.


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Funny Drinking Quotes You Can Share With Friends

Posted on 02 28, 2018

If you are looking to show off to your friends that you are the drinking...

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Looking for a Drinking Game? Try Body Shots

Body Shot |

Doing body shots is a true party turn on. It takes ordinary drinking into a more intense, alcohol-filled party.

The beauty of the game is that it can be played by just two. So if you are the type who does not love wild parties or the hopeless romantic, you can still get turned up playing body shots with your lover at home.

Tequila is the traditional drink used for most body shots, but there is no crime in shooting away with vodka if tequila is not available. You can as well replace salt with lemon or sugar too.

How to play

Get a pair of dice, paper, a pen and, of course, your preferred liquor. Write down six (it can be more than that) body parts and assign numbers to them on a piece of paper. Also, write down how each shot will be taken on a particular, like a lick or a suck.

To play, take turns to roll the dice. One dice determines where on the body the shot will be taken and the second determines how it’ll be taken. Take one the papers to see where you will be taking your shot from, and how to take your shot.

For the beginners

All you will need is a shot glass, a partner, a lime wedge and some coarse salt. Give the lime wedge to your partner, who should hold the rind between his or her teeth with the flesh pointing outward. Sprinkle some salt on the area of your partner’s exposed skin where you will be taking the shot from. Traditionally, it’s either the belly button or the area where the shoulder and neck meet.

Fill your shot glass with liquor and drink it. Quickly lick the salt off your partner’s skin, then grab the lime wedge from your partner’s mouth and suck the juice from it. If you manage not to bump heads or miss the salt, you’ve completed your body shot.

For advanced players

For this variant of the body shot, do away with the shot glass. You will be drinking your liquor straight off your partner’s body. Have your partner lie on a flat surface (traditionally a  bar; you can also use a bed or table if you don’t have a bar at home). Set up the salt and lime wedge as in the first variant, then pour some liquor into a concave part of his/her body. This is traditionally the belly button, but it could also be the small of the back. Drink up the liquor, lick up the salt and grab the lime wedge.

In some instances, the shot glass is placed on an area of the body, and the other player has to drink up using only his mouth – no hands.


Body shots help to break the ice with someone you are just meeting. However, be sure that your partner has totally agreed to play the game, and has not been pressurized.

We are not giving out relationship advice, but for those looking to spice up their sex lives in their relationship, playing body shot with your significant other sets the pace to spark up the romance.

Body Shot |
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Looking for a Drinking Game? Try Body Shots

Posted on 02 26, 2018

Doing body shots is a true party turn on. It takes ordinary drinking into a...

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Bar Etiquette: 10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong In a Bar

Bar Etiquette |

It’s a Friday night and if you are considering going on a bar crawl this weekend, then maybe you should do a check up on some of your bar etiquette.

Whether you are the type who will approach the bartender to fix you a drink or the one who will lounge out in your seat and wait  for the waitress to come take your order, there are some things you will need to get right.

No arguments, most of us have all gotten it wrong at some point, but it’s okay as we may not have had any idea we were doing it all so wrong.

So here are 10 things you might be doing wrong each time you walk into a bar/lounge:

10. Take in the bar scene

Whether you are a regular or a new customer, when you walk into a bar, take a moment or two to take in what is going on. Is the bar crowded? Is it a special night? Is there a silent disco night going on? Where is the best possible place to sit? This will allow you to understand what is going on, and know how best to approach the bartender or waitresses.

9. Getting attended to

When you finally get to the bar or get seated, never court attention by any rude means. If at the bar, wait till the bartender is free if he/she is busy before speaking. If you have taken a seat already, a waitress will surely approach you to take your order, so there is ABSOLUTELY no need to WHISTLE, SNAP YOUR FINGER, WAVE OR YELL ANNOYINGLY.

8. Be Ready to Order

The bar is a busy joint just like every other business place, so it is annoying for either the bartender or the waitress to approach you and it turns out that you don’t have what to order in mind already. Usually, the standard bars will serve you a menu once you are seated, while the waiter waits or comes back after you have made up your mind. In any case where you are waiting for somebody to show up before making an order, be polite enough to tell the waitress once you are approached the first time.

7. Know what to order

Nothing impresses a waitress or bartender more than knowing exactly what you want served you. “Please can you get me a glass of Carlo Rossi White, and the lady will have a Sex on the Beach Cocktail. Kindly squeeze in some fresh lime in the wine if you have, Thank you.” – that will surely get the waitress geared up to serve you better, knowing you know what you want.

However, if you are bit confused, bartenders and waitresses are trained to offer advice in making the right choice off the menu. So rather than say, “Bring whatever you have”, be honest enough to ask for help in making your choice. They will gladly help.

6. Relating with the bartender or waitress

When relating with the bartender or waitress, always remember that they are offering you service so it is best to be nice, even things get mixed up. Smile, maintain eye contact and speak politely. Where there is a mix up in your order, it is normal to be upset, but it is not enough to yell or scream at them. THEY ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES, so don’t go about causing a nuisance to yourself and other customers at the bar.

As a man, it is normal to be attracted to a female bartender or waitress. No crime in that. But some bar policies discourage their workers from exchanging contact details with customers, and you have to respect that. In any case, if she is willing to give you her contact, she will. But if she says no, respect her decision and turn attention to the liquid in the glass.

5. Socializing with other guests

People come to the bar for various reasons – to chill out from work stress, on dates with potential mates or significant others, to have an alone time in public, and to simply get drunk (not that we advise that). If a fellow guest is not open to talk to you, it is best to not to distract them. If they are up for a discussion, flow with them bu never get into any argument even if you both have different opinions over who should start the game or which political party did well.

If you intend to send a drink over to someone, ensure the bartender or waitress asks them first if they are fine with it. If you are sharing a table with them, politely ask if they can join you for your plate of pepper soup or grilled fish.

4. When Drinking…

Ensure that you are served with the right cups – whisky in a whisky glass, and beer in a mug or tall beer glass. Sip, do not gulp – you are not in a high school drinking competition. Never drink beer straight from the bottle. Often times, beer is served in the bottle with an empty glass, which lets you control how much you pour and the head on the beer.

When drinking a cocktail, the only inedible thing you should leave in the glass is the straw: swizzle sticks and tiny papaer umbrellas should be place on the table mat. You are free to eat the garnish if you so desire.

3. Paying

Always go through your bill carefully before paying to avoid any misunderstanding. If you are a bit tipsy, it is best to have your friend or date do a re-check. Whether you are paying with cash or with your credit card, always have either ready so as not to waste any time.

2. Tipping

Tipping the waitress or the bartender is not a must, but it is essential that you do. They earn below the minimum wage mostly, and won’t mind a little extra cash to help them enjoy their job as they do it. You are sure to always get a warm smile and better service when next you visit if your tip is a healthy one.

1. Time to go

It is normal to relax a bit before hitting the road once you are done with your drink and food, if you ordered any. However, if the bar is full and other guests are trooping in, it is best to get up and leave. If you are leaving immediately after paying, say “thank you” to the waitress or bartender and goodnight to fellow guests if you were in discussion with them.

If you had a nice time at the bar, always do well to visit again.



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Bar Etiquette: 10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong In a Bar

Posted on 02 23, 2018

It's a Friday night and if you are considering going on a bar crawl this...

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Why Getting a Massage after Drinking is Bad for you

Alcohol and Massage |

Getting an oily body massage is as healthy as it is stress-relieving, but it is not advisable to hit the massage table the morning after drinking.

Massages leave you dehydrated, which is why the masseuse offers a glass of water after a session. Thus getting a massage when the alcohol in your body is already making you thirsty is not a safe bet.

So why is getting a massage after drinking alcohol bad?

According to Dennis Frymire, a therapist at Massage Envy in Chicago, “Massage moves fluids in the body.”

“If you are dehydrated, that is only going to heighten the feeling of dehydration after.”

This means that getting a massage after drinking will only intensify any symptom of being hungover that might surface.

“I will have someone come in, and they will say that they have been drinking the night before and that they are hung over,” he said.

“You may feel great during the massage, but it may heighten your feelings of being hung over after the massage,” Frymire said.

Especially steer clear of something like a deep-tissue massage.

“After you get a deep-tissue massage, there’s always a bit of muscle soreness,” he said. “That’s natural.”

However, if you were intoxicated the night before, the soreness will only feel worse.

So as much as a massage is worth having, do well not to fill your body with booze few hours before it. Just like massages, drinking should be an enjoyable activity. You do not want to walk away with an uncomfortable experience after.

Never forget that moderate drinking will help your body get the best benefits from the liquor you are drinking.


Alcohol and Massage |
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Why Getting a Massage after Drinking is Bad for you

Posted on 02 21, 2018

Getting an oily body massage is as healthy as it is stress-relieving, but it is...

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