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Whiskey or Whisky | www.drinks.ng

Whisky & Aging: Everything You Should Know

Posted on 05 18, 2018

The maturation period of whiskey, which involves aging the liquor in wooden barrels, is one of...

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Vodka and Gin | www.drinks.ng

Know the Difference Between Vodka and Gin

Posted on 03 15, 2018

Vodka vs Gin Comparison Vodka and gin are two of the world's most popular spirit...

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Cognac and Whisky | www.drinks.ng

Grapes vs Grains: The difference between Cognac and Whisky

Posted on 03 07, 2018

Jamie and Deolu walked into the bar after a long Wednesday meeting, and the bald...

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What Do You Know About Non-Alcoholic Wines?

Posted on 03 02, 2018

The goodness of wine is well known throughout the world and Nigeria. The unique way...

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National Irish Coffee day | www.drinks.ng

Irish Coffee: The Beauty of Caffeine and Liquor

Posted on 03 01, 2018

"I never waited for my Irish Cream coffee to be the right temperature, with a...

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7 Things About Rum That Will Excite You

Posted on 02 28, 2018

A bottle or glass of Bacardi Superior white  or Captain Morgan Black or any other...

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Kahlua | www.drinks.ng

Kahlua: A Coffee Liqueur With a Heart

Posted on 02 26, 2018

A bottle of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur set on the table brings a unique spark to...

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Martini_Cocktail | www.drinks.ng

Martini Cocktail: The Story Behind the Drink

Posted on 02 23, 2018

The Martini cocktail is one of the most popular mixed-alcohol beverages in the world, coming...

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Drinking_Alcohol_and_Exercise | www.drinks.ng

Did You Know Moderate Drinking Makes You Live Longer than Exercise?

Posted on 02 21, 2018

Regular exercise is said to make one live to a ripe old age, but it...

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does-alcohol-make-you-attractive | www.drinks.ng

Does Alcohol Make You More Attractive to Others?

Posted on 02 19, 2018

Alcohol is capable of many things including the ability to make us immediately appear more...

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