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#ValentinesDay: Top 5 Drinks for the Perfect Nightcap

Posted on 02 07, 2018

Valentine's Day is usually full of red roses, chocolate, and love; for Valentine's night, the...

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8 Great Cocktails You Can Make With Vodka

Posted on 01 25, 2018

Vodka Cocktails Vodka is a favourite when it comes to mixed drinks because it tastes...

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hot-buttered-rum |
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Keep Warm on Cold Nights with Hot Buttered Rum

Posted on 01 17, 2018

Rum is already a classic drink in it's own right, but when described as hot...

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Jameson_Cocktails |
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These 3 Jameson Cocktails Will Add Fun to Your Weekend

Posted on 08 18, 2017

It's the weekend and it is that time to ease yourself of the stress of...

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Daiquiri Cocktail |
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Great cocktails you can make – Daiquiri Cocktail

Posted on 07 14, 2017

Daiquiri cocktail is just more than one special drink mix. It is a range of...

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5 Red Wine Cocktails that will make you know more than Tyrion Lannister

Posted on 05 19, 2017

Remember that epic scene in Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2 when Tyrion Lannister,...

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Andre Signature Cocktails |
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Great cocktails you can make at home: Andre Signature cocktails

Posted on 05 13, 2017

It's cocktail day and cocktail lovers know to make the best of the day and...

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Disaronno Sour |
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Great Cocktails you can make at home: Disaronno Sour

Posted on 05 12, 2017

Disaronno is known as the world's finest Italian liqueur and has maintained the same "secret...

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Gin and Tonic |

Great cocktails you can make at home: Gin and Tonic cocktail

Posted on 05 11, 2017

It is one of the simplest cocktails to make, yet the Gin and Tonic is...

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Whisky Sour |
Posted inCocktail Corner

Great cocktails you can make at home: Whisky Sour

Posted on 05 10, 2017

There are two sides to life they say, the good and the bad. Same applies...

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