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Drinking_Champagne |

Dos & Don’ts of Drinking Champagne

Posted on 05 25, 2018

Nigeria is one the biggest champagne markets, and Nigerians are not slowing down in their...

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Champagne Quotes |

From Brut to Doux: How Sweet is your Champagne?

Posted on 03 19, 2018

Not a lot of drinks in the world is sweeter than champagne and regular drinkers of...

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Champagne and Sports Celebrations |

Champagne and Sports Celebrations: A Marriage Made in Bubbles

Posted on 03 09, 2018

Champagne and Sports Celebrations Nico Rosberg had just clinched his first Formula 1 title at...

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Drinking_Champagne |

5 Ways You Should Stop Drinking Champagne

Posted on 02 14, 2018

Champagne is a wine of class and style and should be so consumed. However, due...

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Valentine's_Day_Champagne |

5 Bottles Of Champagne for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Posted on 02 13, 2018

Champagne, they say, is the official drink of celebration - and Valentine's Day is one...

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Champagne-Bottle_Sizes |

Why Large Champagne Bottles Are Named After Bible Kings

Posted on 02 12, 2018

Methuselah, Salmanazar, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Nebuchadnezzar are names more popular with Christians and Bible scholars than...

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Drinking_Champagne |

Do You Know Your Champagne Types?

Posted on 02 08, 2018

Champagne is a drink of class. It creates a difference whenever it is popped, wherever...

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Moet and Chandon Champagne |

Would You Play Moët & Chandon Valentine’s Day Snapchat Game?

Posted on 02 07, 2018

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and premium champagne brand, Moët & Chandon has teamed up with Snap...

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Bollinger - The Wedding Party |

How ‘The Wedding Party 2’ Sold Bollinger Champagne to Us

Posted on 01 30, 2018

Champagnes have always been part of celebrations and weddings are one of the most important...

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Marilyn Monroe Weird Uses of Champagne; Champagne Bath |

5 Weird Uses of Champagne in History

Posted on 01 29, 2018

It is more than just another drink. Champagne is known for its traditional use in...

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