Drostdy Hof White -75CL (x6Bottles)


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    Drostdy Hof White is a light, delicately fruity wine blended from three grape varieties; Chenin blanc, Colombard and Muscat . This is the lightest of the light white wines. Lower in alcohol by at least one quarter than a normal white table wine, it is ideal for the health-conscious. It is best enjoyed while still young and fresh. Soft and refreshing, the wine reflects the fruity aromas and flavours of the grape varieties in the blend. It has a crisp, clean, sweet finish. Drostdy Hof was launched in South Africa in 1973 and has extended its reach into African and key international markets. The team of skilled winemakers uses a long-established and proven age-old process of controlling water to extract the maximum flavour from each grape to create their range of well-balanced, bright and smooth-textured wines that are full of life and flavour. Drostdy Hof provides approachable, accessible, unintimidating and sociable South African wines which have long been trusted for their consistent, great flavour, taste and quality.  


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