Frontera Rose Blush -75CL


Frontera Rose Blush has a bright pink colour and is a fruity rose wine with strong scents of cherries and strawberries. It is well balanced, fresh, has crisp acidity, and is slightly sweet on the palate.

Rose is a wine that has more resveratrol than white wines do and so presents a good alternative on occasions. The Frontera Rose Blush is a good match with foods like veal, vegetable, cheese, red meat, beef, duck, and lamb to provide the fullness of the meal. The Frontera Rose Blush also tastes amazing alone, without the company of any meal. It is best served chilled.

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Frontera Rose Blush is a bright fruity rose wine with intense aromas of strawberries and cherries. It has a crisp acidity and slightly sweet on the palate. Best served as an aperitif!



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