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This spectacularly different and unconventional red wine brand is truly something special with its infusion of chocolate into the mix which makes everything come alive. Taking a cue from the ancient wisdom of the Aztecs, that would infuse cacao to create amazing wine, this is chocolate and red wine. What a combination. This chocolate flavored Spanish wine is made from the best Tempranillo grapes and instilled with the essence of premium, velvety dark chocolate, providing it with the bold and fruity flavors it has. The Rubis Chocolate Velvet Red Wine is a wine liqueur that has its juice and grape spirit blended with the finest dark chocolate which creates the resultant Rubis that is silky and smooth.

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Rubis Chocolate

“On the nose this was likened to ‘the whoosh of chocolate when opening a box of Quality Street on Christmas morning’ and voted ‘a red wine for women who don’t like red.’ It’s unexpectedly light and velvety, like Lindt in a glass – a clear winner.” – Scarlet Magazine Rubis Chocolate is top-class chocolate wine liqueur made from a blend of fortified red wine and premium chocolate flavour. It is produced with the best tempranillo grapes from the centre of Spain and velvety premium dark chocolate to give Rubis its bold fruity and chocolatey flavours. With notes of rich cherry and red fruit enveloped in velvety premium dark chocolate, Rubis can be enjoyed on any special occasion. It should be served at either room temperature or chilled over ice for that ultimate chocolate experience. Enjoy your indulgent blend!


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