Great Expectations Merlot – 75CL – (x6 Bottles)


Great Expectations Merlot Red Wine is bold, tannic, dry, medium-bodied, slightly acidic, and ruby red. The winery that makes this wine – Goedverwacht is translated from Afrikaans to mean good hope or great expectations, hence the name of the brand. The birds on the label are called blue cranes. It has flavors of oak that come from the staves that are suspended in the tank for seven months. It is fresh with its hints of plum fruit, spice, and coffee. Dark chocolate compliments the dried plums and red berries. It is soft, well rounded in the mouth, and ripe.

The South African Merlot style is full-bodied with low acidity. South Africa is one of the top ten wine-producing regions in the world and is popular for the production of high value and high-quality wines.

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