Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon – 75CL (x6 Bottles)


Made from the sensational Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine grapes of Chile, the Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon delivers a spectacular and elegant full-bodied taste in the mouth. The aging process in American oak for the duration of 1 to 2 years gives it the hint of tobacco, vanilla, and spice to give it that medium-dry, full-bodied, and highly tannic weight.

The cabernet sauvignon grape has its origins in France and from its chemical compound springs a spectacular feel of green peppers. The cabernet sauvignon from Chile offers an assortment of zests that rouse the palate and the nose.

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The Frontera Sauvignon Blanc wine with its bright greenish-yellow colour is well-balanced and fruity, with aromas of peach and citrus, and it is light and fresh in the mouth.

Chile is notable for making some of the more popular Sauvignon Blanc wines worldwide. The Chilean Sauvignon Blancs are not as pungent as New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, but they are a little fruitier than the French Sancerre.

The Sauvignon Blanc grape is a white-wine grape from western France but it is now grown in wine regions worldwide. One of the important features of the Sauvignon Blanc is that it is straightforward in that the flavours are upfront and not hidden away in the background. The scents that the Sauvignon Blanc grape showcases include gunflint, green apples, grass, gooseberries, black currant leaf, and nettles.

It pairs well with foods like goat cheese, shellfish, vegetarian, fish with light sauces, and salads to provide the fullness of the meal. The Frontera Sauvignon Blanc also tastes amazing alone, without the company of any meal. Best served chilled at 8°c to 10°c

White wine when taken in moderation helps to lower your risk of heart disease by acting as a blood thinner which reduces the probability of blood clots. The presence of polyphenol antioxidants also helps in the elimination of free radicals. Blood flow increases, the immune system is boosted, lung disease and breast cancer are prevented and it aids in the stabilization of insulin levels in the body.

It delivers that air of class and beauty at gatherings and even small family events. Pick up a bottle today and have a toast to elegance. There’s nothing like a bottle of Frontera Sauvignon Blanc to revel in today.

 Frontera Sauvignon Blanc 75cl Carton Details

Type: White wine

Pack: Carton

Volume: 750ml x 6

Closure: Cork

Alcohol content/ percentage: 13% per bottle

Grapes: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Winery/Brand: Frontera (part of Concha y Toro)

State/Country: Chile

Region: Central Valley

Style: Chilean Sauvignon Blanc


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