Declan Red Wine – 75CL (X6 Bottles)


Declan Red Wine is bold, slightly tannic, dry, and slightly acidic. It is also easy-drinking, fruity, rich in taste, and full-bodied with notes of berry and jam. It is a great addition to a gathering of friends with a profound blend of sweetness and sophistication in the fruity taste that it offers.

Regional style of the Spanish red: They are light, rich, and full. The most frequently used grapes in Spain are the Tempranillo grapes and Garnacha grapes. Previously, before the use of modern technology, Spanish reds could be aged for decades and because of this, they were quite expensive. Due to the more available technology, Spanish reds are now more affordable and tastier. Because of the long aging process, Priorat wines and Rioja wines can turn out to be quite expensive.

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