American Honey Sting – 75CL


The Wild Turkey American Honey Sting is amber-gold in appearance. It is an extremely smooth blend of the Wild Turkey Bourbon and pure honey with a hint of ghost pepper added to it, distilled at Wild Turkey distillery, United States of America.

The Wild Turkey American Honey Sting is well known for the notes of black pepper flavour, honey, sweetness, and spiciness. It has an alcohol by volume content of 35.5% and the ghost pepper makes it 400 times hotter than normal. The smoothness provided by pure honey follows, keeping you wanting more.

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    American Honey Sting


    An exceptionally smooth blend of pure honey and Wild Turkey Bourbon with an added hint of ghost pepper. At 71 Proof it’s got more flavour, more kick and boasts a bite of ghost pepper that’s 400 times hotter than your usual, tame hot sauce. It’s all followed by that unmistakable smoothness of pure honey to keep you thirsty for more.


    Nose: On the nose, you’ll notice honey with some spice and black pepper.

    Palate: Honey flavour with syrup and spice on the finish. It is spicy, clean, and has a bold taste. You may experience some heat move through your body.

    Finish: Smooth, yet scorching finish that is softened by the sweetness of honey with a touch of ghost pepper. It leaves a revitalizing aftertaste.

    The Wild Turkey American Honey Sting is a merger of high-grade Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, real ghost pepper, and superbly smooth pure honey, and it was introduced in 2014 as a better alternative to other spicy bourbon options. It proves as a better alternative as it has less sugar and makes use of only superior Kentucky bourbon.

    When consumed in moderation, whisky is perfect when it comes to weight loss as it is a low-carb drink. It could even help in the prevention of cancer as it has a high concentration of ellagic acid which is a powerful antioxidant that can nullify cancer-causing free radicals in the body. Whisky could help to treat the common cold by acting as a decongestant by dilating blood vessels. It also helps to aid digestion and prevent diabetes by regulating insulin.

    Enjoy a bottle of the Wild Turkey American Honey Sting with friends and family today.

    American Honey Sting 75cl Product Details

    Quantity: 750ml

    Alcohol content: 35.5%

    Country: United States of America

    Region: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

    Distillery / Brand: Wild Turkey

    Bottler: Wild Turkey

    Style: Bourbon Whisky

    Closure: Screwcap

    Package Information: Bottle



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