Olmeca Gold -75CL (x12Bottles)


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Olmeca Gold -75CL (x12Bottles)

Olmeca Tequila Gold has a pale straw colour, white pepper and grain aromas with floral notes and a full, powerful palate with a hot finish. Olmeca’s expert and unique production process combines handpicked agave plants, brink ovens, cultivated yeast and distillation in small copper pot stills. Olmeca Tequila is exclusively produced at Destilería Colonial de Jalisco located in Arandas, in Los Altos de Jalisco. The Los Altos Region is 2,100m above sea level. It is a region within the appellation of origin zone in the state of Jalisco. The rich red soil that characterises the Los Altos area is the key element for the unique Tequila profile: spicy with a fruity bouquet, more rounded and naturally sweet.


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