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The smooth Bacardi Gold Rum is the first refined rum, made by using charcoal filtering and oak barrel aging. It was created in 1862 in Cuba and was initially known as Bacardi Oro after the brothers, José and Facundo Bacardi bought the Santiago de Cuba Distillery. For smoothness, it is double filtered through charcoal and natural white oak is used for the aging process which gives it its character. It sports an amber colour with scents of banana, toffee, brown sugar, roasted nuts, and vanilla on the nose. In the mouth, it is crisp, has notes of tropical fruits, banana, caramel, vanilla, butter, citrus, oak, and walnuts, balanced by the warm zest of orange peel, and finishes off smoothly and well balanced with coriander and ginger.

Bacardi Rum is blended rum made from 14 specifically selected aged rum between three and five years. The 14 of them are aged in charred barrels of wood which allows the extraction of various flavours such as dried fruit, nut, and wood into the rum. They are then blended to produce the amazing characteristics that Bacardi is known for.

This delicious Rum is manufactured using column still distillation and later filtered through a blend of charcoal which helps to blunt some harsh flavours of a young rum. It is one of the most regarded spirits that make up the Bacardi portfolio of brands which includes more than 200 different labels. 

The Bacardi family moved their trademarks from Cuba to Puerto Rico when Fidel Castro planned to nationalize all private property and privately held bank accounts on the Island and therefore made use of a plant they owned in Puerto Rico and continued to build their company.

Bacardi Gold Rum is the proud creation of the Maestros de Ron Bacardí and it is aged for up to two years for the infusion of those characteristics that Bacardi provides. It is great in cocktails and is best served chilled.

Bacardi Gold Rum 75cl Product Details

Type: Rum

Pack: Bottle

Volume: 750ml

Brand: Bacardi

State / Country: Puerto Rico

Alcohol content/percentage: 40%



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