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    Kahlua has become the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world. It has stood for a rich heritage, full of diversity and colour; something truly unique. Kahlua is the hero ingredient in many cult cocktails and drinks, including White Russian, Espresso Martini, and Mudslide but could also be served chilled or over ice. The story of Kahlua begins in 1936 when four men all said “screw that day job” and actually went with making coffee liqueur. One of the guys had a great idea, two of them forked out rich and tasteful arabica coffee, the fourth was a chemist who turned the idea into reality. Kahlua is crafted from the finest ingredients that grow side by side in rural Veracruz, Mexico.

    Kahlua is created from the best ingredients that grow in Veracruz, Mexico, such as the Arabica coffee beans with which it is made. The coffee produced in this climate by the Arabica coffee beans is light-bodied and well-rounded. The word ‘Kahlua’ is said to be slang for the word ‘coffee’ and the word has ties to old Arabic languages.

    Since its introduction in the nineties, it has become one of the bestselling coffee liqueurs around the world enjoyed by millions for its uniqueness and rich heritage.

    It takes up to seven years to produce a bottle of Kahlua rum and coffee liqueur due to the six years it can take for the perfect coffee beans to be procured and this is because the coffee cherries are grown in the shade which leads to a longer growing period than those grown in the sun. When the coffee cherries turn into dark red cherries, they are ready to be opened up. They are then dried in big burlaps bags for about six months.

    The rum is made from sugarcane; the juice is extracted, boiled, mixed with water, and then later distilled. After about 7 years the coffee is roasted and blended with the rum, vanilla bean, and caramel. The blend rests for four weeks and is then bottled with a deep brown colour and smooth finish. Its aroma consists of sweet butter, roasted chestnut, flavours of black coffee, and bittersweet beans.

    Kahlua cocktails: Cocktails that Kahlua makes amazing include Mudslide, The Mind Eraser, Espresso Martini, and White Russian. It can also be served over ice or just chilled.

    Kahlua 70cl Carton Details

    Category: Aperitif Liqueur

    Pack: Carton

    Volume: 700ml x 12

    Brand: Kahlua

    Producer: Pernod Ricard

    State / Country of origin: Mexico

    Region: Veracruz


    Alcohol content / percentage: 21% per bottle




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