Alize Gold Passion 75Cl -75CL (x6Bottles)


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With the alluring aroma of ripe, exotic passion fruit and fresh, tangy cranberries, Alizé Gold Passion is a full-bodied liqueur. It is smooth and favorably sweet on the palate with vivid passion fruit and crisp cranberry flavour. For centuries, the Lafragette family has been creating some of the finest cognacs in France. It all started in 1974, when gourmet jam-maker and vintner Jean Paul Lafragette met Marie Claude Legier, a cognac producer; sparks flew in more ways than one. The pair realised they had more than a romantic chemistry when they paired a dollop of his jam with her glass of cognac and the delicious combination spurred an amazing new cordial. In 1982, the recipe for “le best alcohol in the world” was introduced resulting in Alizé Gold. Since then, the company has been perfecting their collection of innumerable recipes among their collective works.


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