Tanqueray London Dry Gin -70CL


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Tanqueray London Dry Gin -70CL

Tanqueray London Dry Gin has a wonderfully fragrant crisp taste with exceptional, fresh grapefruit citrus fruit notes. It makes a classic Gin & Tonic as well as fine martini cocktails. Created by Charles Tanqueray in 1830, Tanqueray London Dry Gin is still made following to the same classic, timeless recipe. Its iconic bottle shape is inspired by a 3-part cocktail shaker made popular during Prohibition’s classic cocktail movement in the “Roaring 1920s.” The pineapple fruit, which was once considered so exotic that it became the ultimate symbol of hospitality in 1830s England, features in the Tanqueray family crest and adorns every bottle from the Tanqueray Distilling Company.


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