Baileys Delight -187.5ML


Baileys Delight Cream Liqueur is a light and lush cream liquor that blends the sweet and savory taste of African honey with rich dairy cream. A delectable offering from the makers of Baileys Irish cream, Baileys Delight Premium offers a flawless fusion of flavors with an African twist to present a perfectly silky, smooth, and delicious treat. Combining the stupendous dairy cream from Ireland with the Midas touch of Africa design in its label, Baileys Delight is invitingly charming. It contains light brownish golden cream mixed with 13% alcohol to offer a smooth taste.

The deliciously light cream liquor ingredients are a product of meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, and delicious trendsetting. Every year, roughly 200 million liters of fresh Irish milk are required to produce the creamiest of cream used in the production of Baileys. That’s enough to make about 3.3 billion Bailey’s milkshakes, give or take. This milk is mostly supplied from small, family-owned farms where the cows roam freely on large and luscious green fields with protected bog, natural woodland, wild meadows, and native hedgerows – sanctuaries for small animals, birds, bees, and butterflies.

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    Baileys Irish Cream is an indulgent fusion of fresh Irish dairy cream, aged Irish whiskey with a hint of cocoa and undertones of vanilla. Only the finest ingredients are used to make Baileys Irish Cream, the whiskey is sourced from the Old Bushmills Distillery and the combination of vanilla and cream is simply heavenly. This is a unique Irish spirit made from a mix of cream, sugar, cocoa and the finest Irish spirits. Each bottle of Bailey’s is 50% fresh cream, combined with triple distilled Irish whiskey. It contains no additives or preservatives, and has become the best known Irish cream in the world since it’s initiation in 1974.


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