Martini Rosso -1LTR


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Martini Rosso -1LTR

The Martini Rosso is wine blended with rich Italian herbs: Artemisia, Summer Savory and Dittany balanced with exotic bittersweet woods. It is well-balanced with a rich, warm sweetness and citrus overtones. This is best served with fresh cranberry juice, ice and an orange wedge. This is elegant and harmonious wine. MartiniÂ’s Rosso owes its dark colour to the caramel added while blending. Martini has been creating premium vermouth for over 150 years using time-honoured traditions and only the finest wines and ingredients. Established in 1863, Martini has a strong family heritage and has grown to become the most acclaimed and cosmopolitan Italian drinks brand in the world. By 1912, Martini was the recipient of 13 Grand Prix and more than 40 Gold medals at International Competitions.


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