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Made in Saronno, Italy with the same recipe since 1525, Disaronno Originale is known as the “world’s favourite Italian liqueur” as stated proudly on its label. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients including absolute alcohol, burnt sugar, the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits soaked in apricot kernel oil, its smooth taste and unmistakable aroma has made it an icon of Italian style and sophistication in more than 160 countries around the world. Extremely versatile and unique, Disaronno is great for every occasion. Very early in the 20th century, Domenico Reina decided to open a store and workshop near the terminus of the steam tram line from Milan, which he called “Domenico Reina Coloniali”, situated in the heart of Saronno. It was here that the Disaronno Originale was first produced and sold commercially. Since then, the Reina family has kept the formula for Disaronno Originale secret, passing it down for generations.


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