Hennessy H250 Anniversary – 75CL (x6Bottles)


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Hennessy H250 Anniversary - 75CL (x6Bottles)

At the occasion of its 250th anniversary , Hennessy created a unique blend that embodies the Maison’s
History. Of a bright, warm shade of amber, this cognac is of great distinction and intensity.

From the 250 handcrafted barrels to the selection of 100 eaux-de-vie with slow maturation process, this
cognac’s harmony lies in the legacy passed down over 7 generations of Master blenders.
Since 2010, Yann Fillioux, together with his Comité de Dégustation (Tasting Committee), has been selecting
eaux de vie from amongst the ones he has carefully chosen and matured throughout his 50- year presence
in the Maison and have created a subtle and elegant, yet powerful blend for the occasion: The Hennessy 250
Collector Blend.


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