GH Mumm Grand Cordon – 75CL


    G.H. Mumm Demi sec Champagne Cordon Rouge Brut is a fresh, golden yellow colour with hints of jade, the wine’s abundant bubbles, both fine and elegant, demonstrate the finesse of Mumm’s Cordon Rouge Champagne. On the nose, aromas of lemon and grapefruit, combined with the richness of firm, fleshy fruits such as white peaches, apricots, and tart apples bring freshness and liveliness to the wine. These are followed by hints of vanilla, enriched with caramel. Honeyed nuts also play their part. The bubbles are rich on the palate, but never overpowering. The perfect balance is combined with a rounded, full vinosity. The mix of fresh fruit and caramel aromas gives even more intensity to the finish. This is a subtly balanced wine with a remarkable capacity to linger in the mouth.

    G.H. Mumm Demi Sec is made up of Pinot Noir grapes (30%), Chardonnay grapes (10%), and Pinot Meunier grapes (60%) which altogether make a well-rounded and balanced white wine with fresh character. It has a deep golden yellow colour with amber glints with a copious amount of bubbles.

    Aroma: Scents of fruit jelly, pear jam, nougat, peach, gingerbread, dried fruit, and honey are detected. This bouquet of aromas develops into toasted notes, brioche, vanilla, and honey.

    Taste: It is fruity and medium sweet. The taste of dry fruit is noticed because of the years of cellar ageing it has gone through. Other prominent things you’ll taste are notes of honey candy, ripe apple, and sweet fruit. It is round and smooth. The finish is also quite fresh. It goes well with desserts and lightly spiced dishes. It delights inquisitive palates when served alongside dishes that combine sweet and savoury tastes to create a blast of goodness in the mouth.

    Food pairing suggestion: The G H Mumm Demi Sec can be served as an aperitif or can be accompanied by dishes that are lightly spiced. It also goes well with cream and cakes, mild and soft cheese, shellfish, pork, salmon, and tuna. Serve well chilled (8–12°C).

    Grab a bottle of G H Mumm Demi Sec and have a toast and socialize with friends and family.

    G.H. Mumm Demi Sec 75CL Product Details

    Wine Style: Sparkling French Champagne – Sweet and Spritzy

    Type: Champagne Demi-Sec

    Grape / Blend: Champagne Blend of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

    Pack: Bottle

    Volume: 750ml

    Producer / Winery / Brand: G.H. Mumm

    State/Country: France

    Region: Reims, Champagne

    Alcohol content/percentage: 12%


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