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Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

Every year in February, two American football teams go mano a mano on live television for the ultimate NFL prize. And every year, many of us, especially those of us outside the United States, watch the Super Bowl less for the football than because we want to see the commercials we’re all going to be talking about the next day.

These usually expensive adverts sometimes do little more than bombard viewers with celebrity cameos and anthropomorphised animals but other times they tend to be more ambitious, serving to capture an existing mood within the United States at the time. Many of the adverts for this year fell under the latter camp with several of them even filmed months ago still dripping with winks and pointed subtext concerning the current United States political climate.

Super Bowl 51’s most blatantly featured political commercial was courtesy Airbnb, but popular American-style pale lager brand Budweiser sent her own poignant message. Budweiser shared the story of Adolphus Busch, the German immigrant who made the journey to the United States in the 1800s and eventually co-found Anheuser-Busch brewing company. It highlights how he overcame discrimination and achieved success when he emigrated from Hamburg, Germany to New Orleans and is presented at a time when the issue of immigration is particularly politically charged after President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Budweiser says the advert is designed to send a message about “not backing down from beliefs and dreams.” Going by the recent turn of events in United States however, the ad can easily be interpreted as a political statement.

Filmed over three days and directed by Chris Sargent, the commercial, titled “Born The Hard Way” is a minute long, preceded by a 15-second trailer and cost tens of millions of dollars to shoot. Check the commercial out below:

The Budweiser ad, which the company boasts is “the story of our founder and his pursuit of the American Dream”, has sparked significant continuing debate as Americans are expressing their different opinions on the company’s message via social media platforms. Many tweeters who don’t appreciate the ad are making their presence felt and calling for other Americans to #BoycottBudweiser while supporters of the message are using the same hash tag to make their stance known.

It’ll be interesting to watch where this takes the brand. We could get a tweet or two from President Trump as is often the case when he’s spoken against. Interested? Follow the hash tag and share your own opinions.

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