Cognac-Ratings |

Cognac – Ratings, Ageing Grades and Vintages

Cognac is a choice drink for spirit lovers, and competes strongly with whiskey, vodka and gin among the world’s premium spirit drink choices. Traditionally distilled in pot stills, cognacs today are now made with particular attention to the finesse, taste and the elegance gotten from its base wine. The beauty of cognac lies not only…

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Tequila Day |

7 Secrets You Should Know About Tequila

In four days we will be celebrating the Tequila Day, and people who love the drink the world over will get the fun out of lime, salt and shots of Tequila. Tequila is a special drink from Mexico made from agave plants.It takes its name from a small town of Tequila in a valley west…

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Whisky |

Everything about the shayo called Whisky you should know

Whisky is one of the most premium spirit drinks distilled from grain mash, and has gained popularity in the last 10-15 years. Traditionally aged in  wooden casks, whiskey is heralded as the “brown spirit for daddy on Father’s Day”. However, with the existing spelling difference, most people cannot tell their “whiskey” from their “whisky”, neither…

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