8 Beer Myths Proven Untrue

Written by Posted on 08 17, 2016
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Beer Myths Proven Untrue

There are so many myths surrounding this great beverage and some of them might actually be preventing you from properly enjoying your beer.

1. Myth -Beer should be served ice-cold

     Fact-  Flavours emerge properly with a bit of warmth

The best temperature to serve a beer depends on the style.

Beer Ads perpetuate the myth that beer should be served ice cold. This is probably because ice-cold beer numbs the palate, reducing the taste of the beer, and potentially leading to drinking more of them, which makes it similar to drinking a glass of cold water. “You lose aromatics when you serve beer too cold,” says Dave Engbers, co-owner of Founders Brewing Co., adding that beer is best consumed between 46 and 50°F.


2. Myth- Bottled beer is better than canned

     Fact-  Nothing maintains freshness as well as a can

Beers stored in bottles can easily be affected by light and oxygen, while canned beers can maintain freshness and quality taste for longer periods.


4. Myth- Ales are darker than lagers
Fact- Ales can be pale, and lagers can be dark

Just as ales have plenty of lighter styles, lagers have darker varieties, too.


5. Myth- Beer is always bitter

     Fact- Beer can have different tastes

There are different types of beers and these beers all have different tastes. they can be sour and fruity, with funky flavours and aromas. Experiment and see what you like!


6. Myth- Beer should always be crystal clear

     Fact- Beer is not always perfectly crystal clear

Some beer styles are designed to be hazy, and more often than not, excessive filtration causes beer to lose most of its flavour.


7. Myth- Beer should be drunk straight from the bottle

     Fact- Drinking from a glass helps you enjoy the flavours            better

Drinking from a glass gives you the opportunity to really taste and smell your beer. You’ll also avoid metallic flavours from where the cap was attached to the neck of the bottle.


8. Myth- Beer is bad for you

     Fact – Beer has health benefits

Moderate drinking can help prevent weight gain in women, and reduce the risk of heart failure,






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