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Beer etiquette : Do’s and Don’ts

Written by Posted on 08 09, 2016
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Beer etiquette : Do’s and Don’ts

Beer is an amazing and fascinating beverage, and we’ve put together a list to help you enrich your beer drinking experience. Yes! It can get better.

1. Don’t drink your Beer ice-cold

Everyone enjoys a nice chilled beer, and freezing cold temperatures don’t necessarily spoil your beer, however they do numb your tastebuds. You’ll only get to experience the bare minimum of flavours and miss out on all the subtle layers.

2. Don’t store beer while it is warm

Many beer styles are extra vulnerable to drastic (i.e., 20 degrees or more) swings in temperature. Keeping bubbly, lighter styles like American lagers, Pilsners, kölsches, session beers, wheat beers, and some pale ales in a warm spot can, over time, mute their effervescent carbonation levels and muddle their flavors. Those kinds of beers deserve their fridge time.

3. Do use the right Glass

Pint glasses only keep your beer from spilling all over your lap. Just about every type of beer is assigned its own specifically designed, corresponding glass. By all means, you should try to get your hands on an appropriate glass.

4. Don’t expose beer to sunlight

Hops, like a lot of plant-based materials, love sunshine on the vine but not once they’re cut loose. Hops contain isohumulones, light-sensitive little buggers that, at the first hint of sunshine, break down and begin to release some of the same unappetizing chemicals produced by, skunks. For this reason, light-hued or clear glass bottles are always, always a bad idea. Make sure you’re sipping your beer from a brown bottle or, even better, a good old can. And if you’re planning to do your drinking outdoors, make sure to drop your reserves in a shady spot.

5. Don’t drink beer on the rocks

It is just not appropriate to drink beer on the rocks, and if you would like to be regarded as a beer aficionado, it’s best to steer clear of this.



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