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5 Hacks to Make Your Wine Taste Better

While most people are down to drinking a glass of wine anytime, not all wine drinkers love the sweet-sour taste of wines. Should the taste deter you from drinking wine? We don’t think it should. As much as wine is a distinct alcohol of repute, you can always switch up the taste to favour your…

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Bartender-Interview |

How to Pass a Bartender Interview

A bartender interview, like every other job interview, is generally challenging and a lot goes into acing the tests and giving the right answers thrown at you. What is even more daunting for bartenders is that you may be required to show off your skills on the spot, as well as ace the questions you will…

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3 Events to Enjoy Your Drink this Easter

Easter is apparently around the corner, and we guess you must be excited to get the most out of the holiday season. With two public holidays lined up, there is enough time to spoil yourself and also catch up with friends and family. Here are three events that you can attend this Easter: ‘At the…

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AB_InBev |

World Largest Brewer Sees Promise in Nigeria’s Beer Market

Since its merger with SABMiller, Anheuser-Busch InBev, AB InBev, has become the largest brewer in the world, and the Belgium company sees promise in the Nigerian market. The company has been making a gradual entrance into the Nigerian market, following strong regional footprints already established by SABMiller who were already operating in the country. According to…

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