A bottle or glass of Bacardi Superior white  or Captain Morgan Black or any other rum of your choice is always a pleasant experience by the poolside or the sandy beach.

However, there are several reasons why this special spirit blend should excite those who love to grace their palate with it. It is made from either fermented sugarcane juice or molasses that is distilled to become alcohol at about 80 proof or higher. So for those who love to chew off the stem of the sweet cane, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy it in a glass.

There are a lot of things about rum that are exciting to the drinker, from the several flavour palettes ranging from fruity and grassy to caramel and cinnamon to the lovable flavours when mixed to make a cocktail.

However, here are 10 more things that will certainly excite you about rum.

 1. Rum is the fun one

Unlike other spirit drinks including cognac, bourbon, scotch, and tequila, rum has no international regulations surrounding its production method or place. So that means if all the above were your friends, (and they should be), rum would be the fun one – holding no bars in the level of adventure you can experience with it.

This rainbow factor about rum also means you have to do a lot of research before settling for a particular brand as the quality is not always guaranteed. You may not love to do a lot of reading, but look at the fun side, you get to know more about your favourite spirit.

2. Not made for the sunshine alone

It is good that rum is one for the sun, when the sour moments of life are nothing but shadows.Rum can also be enjoyed on cold weather. The drink comes with excellent flavours that can be both refreshing and warming, especially on a cold night with your lover.

3. It is sweet

No wonder it is such a favourite during the summer holidays and warm days. The sweetness of rum just makes it easy for it to be enjoyed while taking in the warmth of the weather, and the beautiful conversations that follow.

4. Not all rum is sweet

Certainly not all of us are sweet-toothed, and same goes for rum. So for those who love a tint of bitterness in their drink, some rum brands offer this. This is the great diversity of taste for which rum-drinkers are constantly excited about.

5. Hangovers do not come with every rum

Hardly does anyone love the morning headaches, dry mouth and tiredness that comes after a heavy night of drinking, and dark rum is one of the most feared when it comes to hangovers. However, since rum comes in different colours, white rum provides an alternative for people who fear rum-induced hangovers. You have heard that to avoid hangovers, it is best to keep your alcohol clear; but we say to avoid hangovers, keep your rum white.

6. It is great with cocktails

The Rum Sour is one great example of how well rum goes with cocktails. Another significant cocktail is the Bermuda Dark ’n’ Stormy, made with ginger beer and dark rum and full of intense flavour. Actually, every area where rum is produced comes with its own epic rum cocktail.

7. You may not only be drinking

Yeah! There is no argument that rum has medicinal benefits to the drinker, which is why we say you may not only be drinking, you might also be healing your body. Osteoporosis and intermittent claudication (muscle pain) can be prevented with the intake of rum. It can also cure common cold due to its anti-microbial properties.


7 Things About Rum That Will Excite You
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7 Things About Rum That Will Excite You
A bottle or glass of Bacardi Superior white rum or Captain Morgan Black or any other rum of your choice is always a pleasant experience by the poolside or the sandy beach.
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