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ROSÉ! Everyone loves rosé! Here are 6 essential things you should know about rosé.

1. When in doubt buy from France.

Trying to pick a bottle of wine from our collection on the site can be very overwhelming with so many options to choose from. When in doubt, always pick a rosé made in France.

2. Rosé is cheap.

That’s the reason it’s such a top hit. There is never a need to pay over 5000 naira for a bottle, except it’s a really special occasion. Also,  gives you the best and fairest prices when you buy your Rosé from the site, that’s the cheapest you’re guaranteed to find it. Rosé doesn’t need time to age, which makes it easy to produce quickly.

3. Vintage is not really vintage.

A rosé only takes a year to become vintage. So the newest vintage you’re drinking is going to be the freshest wine. You will only be able to find a vintage rosé from maybe two or three years back.

4. Rosé is made from red grapes.

Some of you might think that you make rosé by mixing red and white grapes together but that is not the case. Rosé is just from red grapes. The darkness of the rosé depends on how long the skins of the grapes are left to macerate in the wine.

5. 4 different types of grapes can be used.

Rosé is typically made from pinot noir, merlot, grenache or malbec grapes. The shade of rosé also depends on what grape is used.

6. Dry Rosé = Good Rosé.

When a wine is dry, it means that it doesn’t have all of those extra added sugars in it and that is what you want when you’re having rosé. You want something that’s crisp and acidic. That’s what makes it so good for summer.


PS – You can drink rosé with literally anything. Fish, BBQ, Burgers, Cupcakes.. the list goes on.

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