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Champagne is a wine of class and style and should be so consumed. However, due to the celebratory feel that comes with drinking champagne, many of us tend to abuse it.

From weddings to birthdays, graduation to end of year parties, champagne is a regular among party goers. But apparently, some people have not been schooled enough in the drink to respect its etiquette.

Here are five ways people continually drink champagne the wrong way.

Chug straight from the bottle

It is proper to note that champagne is a wine – a special sparkling wine from the Champagne province of France. Thus, it comes with all the sweet aromas and tasty flavours that all sparkling and still wines have.

The proper thing to do is pour your champagne into a glass, let the aromas seduce your thirst, and savour the flavours on your palate when you sup it.

What most people do is pop open a bottle of champagne, let half of the contents pour onto the floor and chug the rest straight from the bottle. This is totally disrespectful to the drink!

Over consuming

It is appalling to walk into a wedding venue and see a group of guys with several empty bottles of champagne littered on their table or around them. While it is of financial advantage to the vendors to sell more champagne, it is out of place to consume the drink in an unmindful manner.

Champagne is best consumed as an aperitif, paired with food or shared with friends and loved ones as a mark of celebration.

Too much chill

Most people over-cool their champagne before drinking. However, most champagne varieties are best consumed at a temperature of 8-10°C (47-50°F). To achieve this, keep your champagne bottle in an ice bucket for 15 to 20 minutes. You can as well keep in the fridge for not more than two hours.

It is the wrong etiquette to keep your bottle of sparkly goodness on cold for longer than required. Doing so prevents some of the finer aromas to reach the taste buds when you drink, giving you a simple and plain experience when it should not be so.

Using the wrong glass

Champagne is a complex wine with lots of aromas and flavours all bearing the characteristics of the grapes it is made from. Just as using the right glass matters for every other drink, using the right glass for drinking champagne is also highly important.

The Champagne flute is floated as the traditional glass for drinking your fizz. However, some people prefer using a white wine glass.

Mixing it

Even your bartender will tell you not to mix champagne with things you have no idea of. Except for champagne cocktails, there is absolutely no need to mix champagne with other drinks. So fight every urge of mixing your champagne with energy drinks or other sparkling wines.


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