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5 Ways To Drink Alone and Have Fun!

Written by Posted on 12 08, 2016
5 ways to drink alone and have fun |

5 Ways To Drink Alone and Have Fun!

Drinking with friends is always amazing, there’s banter, lively conversation and you get to catch up with your buddies. But what happens when you’re home alone on a Sunday afternoon, with nothing to do? We have an awesome suggestion. You can order a bottle of red wine, white wine, scotch or gin. Whatever tickles your fancy really. We could even bring some ice along for you if you would like. Here are 8 ways to drink alone and have fun!

1. Music!

Make a playlist of amazing songs and put yourself in a great mood and lift your spirits while you relax and sip your drink. Music is the best therapy, and it would definitely turn your boring afternoon around.

2. Recipes.

What better day to try out that exciting cocktail that you’ve been meaning to experiment with? The best part is, you’re drinking alone so you have full liberty to try out whatever you want to.You can also have some snacks while you’re at it!

3. Take a relaxing soak in the tub

You’ve probably had a long week, so why not take your alone drinking party to the bathtub and have a nice long soak while you sip on that glass of whatever it is you love to drink?

4. Manicure/ Pedicure

We do not recommend that you do any heavy self-grooming, but a little Mani/Pedi won’t hurt. Cut those toenails, paint those fingernails and just have a good time taking care of yourself.

5. Catch up on your favourite show

Real life can stop us from doing so many things. So a fun thing to do would be to catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite tv series, a movie you’ve been meaning to watch or a podcast.

Have any other ideas on ways to have fun drinking alone? Tell us in the comments section!

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