5 Things You Can Do With Wine Besides Drink It: For Those of You Who Live in a World Where There's Leftover Wine | drinks.ng

It’s hard to imagine a world where good wine could go to waste, especially here in Nigeria, but it happens to the best of us. Don’t even think about pouring that leftover wine down the drain before you read this article.

It may seem ridiculous to do anything with wine besides drink it. We love drinking wine so much the Americans have dedicated a whole day in the year to the luxury. However, there are those times when we host a party and one too many bottles are opened or the times when we open a bottle only to find it isn’t good anymore. Of course, you could choke it down and bear that acidic taste, all the while knowing you aren’t wasting those precious last sips but there’s an alternative where no wine goes to waste and you don’t have to spend your evening toasting with vinegar.

So, here are five things you can do with that wine besides drink it:

Clean Up With It

Apparently, leftover white wine makes a great disinfectant for our kitchens. The alcohol combined with the acidity removes stains and kills germs without all the harsh chemicals of standard cleaners. White wine can also be used as a glass cleaner, but please note that the acidity can damage some counter tops like granite.

Clean Veggies With It

Adding wine to a spray bottle and using it to clean our fruits and veggies is another effective way to use wine besides drinking it. In fact, the alcohol in our wine will remove impurities far better than water will and could even kill serious bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. What’s more? It could probably make those veggies taste better.

5 Things You Can Do With Wine Besides Drink It: For Those of You Who Live in a World Where There's Leftover Wine | drinks.ng

Bathe in It

The antioxidants that give red wine its glory in health circles are beneficial for our skin. We could apparently use leftover wine as a toner, or dump it into our bathwater and soak the night away. The reward for this habit is reportedly baby-soft skin. Finding out wine can get rid of our wrinkles may mean we never actually drink wine again.

Make Jelly With It

Leftover wine is a great base for jelly. Simply add water, pectin and fruit, and you’re on your way to having homemade jelly. It’s best to use wine that is a day or two old and not one that has spoiled completely. Your toast will be grateful for the added touch of class only cabernet jelly can bring.

Let Your Food Marinate in It

Marinating our steak in wine isn’t some sort of new new thing, but did you know that marinating it for six hours in wine can cut the cancer-causing compounds formed during frying or grilling by up to 90%? Don’t forget that it also makes your meat more flavourful and juicy.

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