10 Best Wine Destinations You Should Still Visit This Year: 2017's Most Attractive Wine Spots | drinks.ng

It’s just March, so there’s still time in the year to see wonders from the classic climes of Provence, London and the Rheingau to wild and dramatic vino explorations in Salta, Sicily and Bulgaria! Here’s a roundup of top spots offering something for everyone with a passport and a will to explore beyond the glass. With this list, you can get out and live before the crowds joins in on it.

Cafayate, Argentina

Cafayate is a high-altitude enclave in Argentina and home to some of the world’s most exciting Malbec, magical scenery, local crafts and unique gastronomy.

Marlborough, New Zealand

New Zealand’s heartbeat, Marlborough is the place you need to visit and explore this year from the countryside and small corners of wineries to expansive restaurants.

Provence, France

A sun-kissed region in Southeastern France, Provence will appeal to you with visions of dry rosés, olive tree groves, lavender fields and the glistening sea.

Canary Islands, Spain

This windswept volcanic extensive group of island off the coast of Africa has wine which has been held in high esteem since at least the time of Shakespeare.

Thracian Lowlands, Bulgaria

Bounded by the Black Sea to the east and Greece to the south, Bulgaria’s Thracian Valley marries archaeological wonders with modern wines for a breathtaking adventure.

10 Best Wine Destinations You Should Still Visit This Year: 2017's Most Attractive Wine Spots | drinks.ng

London, United Kingdom

A vibrant center for art and culture, London is also a city where you can find great wine from every country. The locally made sparkling wines aren’t to be missed either.

Sicily, Italy

Sitting just off the tip of the boot-shaped peninsula of Italy, Sicily boasts of beaches, volcanoes, ancient ruins and great wine with food for your pleasure.

Calistoga, United States of America

Healing hot springs, mud baths, world-class resorts, restaurants and wineries are all available in Napa Valley’s northern anchor, Calistoga.

Hood River, United States of America

Overlooking the Columbia River, Hood River is a special sport travel destination with access to wineries, brewpubs, cider houses and distilleries to experience.

Rheingau, Germany

Less than half an hour from Frankfurt, the villages of Rheingau mark the banks of the Rhine with historic vineyards, charming towns and wine discoveries.


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