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Jack Daniel’s is one of the premium whisky drinks loved all over the world, not only for it’s unique taste, but also for its cultural relevance to the beverage industry.

For a drink that would have passed as a bourbon, but is a whisky, Jack Daniel’s bears a lot of interesting story to it.

Not only does it come from the oldest registered distillery in the US, it is filtered through maple charcoal before bottling, which makes it a Tennessee whisky.

The drink is amazing when taken neat as it is still great when mixed with other drinks either as a cocktail.

Jack Daniel’s serves as the base for several cocktails, but here are eight special cocktails that brings a whole new Jack experience to your social events.

1. Jack Off
Interesting name right? LOL!
Mixing Jack and Coke is an age-long tradition, but to make this cocktail, the addition of iced tea just creates a much more amazing experience.

What you need
1 shot Jack Daniel’s
1/2 Coke
1/2 Iced tea

2. Evil Jack
Don’t be scared, it is not from the gates of hell.
Funnily enough, all the harshness of Jack is tempered down with the taste of cherry.

What you need
4 oz Jack Daniel’s
10 oz Coke
splash of grenadine
1 cherry

3. Cannibalized Christian
Don’t you just love the irony in the name?
It offers you an opportunity to be good and wild in one smooth evening.

What you need
3/4 oz Jagermeister herbal liqueur
3/4 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey
3/4 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1 3/4 oz Coca-Cola Cherry Coke

4. Jack-of-all-Trades
Because it has beer too, maybe it qualifies its name.
Never turn down a chance to down a drink with a name as this,

What you need
3 oz Jack Daniel’s
Root beer

5. Jack’s Vanilla
Is there anything we can’t use vanilla for?
Well, mixing it with good old Jack is certainly not on that list, especially when its on ice.

What you need
2 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey
1 tsp vanilla
11 oz Coca-Cola

6. Black Tooth
This tall cocktail actually comes with Dr. Pepper, so your dental health is assured.
Besides, there won’t be any blackness to your sweet evening, except the liquid in your glass.

What you need
4 oz Jack Daniel’s
4 oz Dr. Pepper
4 oz Coke

7. Jackhammer
Before you order this, or even make it, get in the mood of a rock star.
Trust me, that is the only way to get down with its groovy taste.

What you need
1 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey
1 oz amaretto almond liqueur

8. Saturday Night Special
There is something special about all Saturday nights…this cocktail is top of the list.
Not only is it fitting for the night, it also gets you to the level you wanna be.

What you need
1 oz Jack Daniel’s
2 oz orange rum

9. Jailbreak
If you can have a sip of this, you will walk out of any jail unnoticed by the prison wardens.
Yes! it is just that magical.
Just make sure to mix the Khalua, Jack and amaretto separately with some crushed ice, then pour into stout and coke already in a wine glass.

What you need
1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey
1 oz amaretto almond liqueur
3 oz Guinness stout
3 oz Coca-Cola

10. Head Banger
Whisky and liqueur, shaken down with some ice.
That will ceratainly send bangs into your brain.

What you need
1 1/2 oz Patron Coffee liqueur
1 1/2 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey

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